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Unfortunately, due to our COVID-19 pandemic, and the very necessary public health restrictions that are in place, we are presently closed for in-person services of worship.  However, we do have a number of regular worship resources posted on the Calendar page of this website, and we hope to reopen when York Region returns to the Orange Zone.

However, if we're closed as a church, please realize that our expenses continue!  If you're not on P.A.R. ("pre-authorized remittance"), please contact Gord Thompson, or a member of the Finance Committee, to join.  For that matter, a cheque in the mail (no cash, please!), or a cheque in the mail box by the main doors, or a cheque to a member of the Leadership Team, or a member of the Finance Cmt., also works!  


We have a beautiful traditional sanctuary and modern kitchen facilities.  Our space works well for weddings, classes, yoga, karate or youth groups.


At present, unfortunately, we are not able to rent our space, due to COVID restrictions.  When this changes, please contact the Church office for charges and details.

Words from Warren

April 4/21, Easter Sunday


The 40 days (and 6 Sundays) of Lent were never meant to be easy.  Far from it, Lent was meant to be a time of direct self-honesty where we look at ourselves and consider what we need to change.  Now, place that hard, internal work in a context of global pandemic, where many of our social supports have been blocked off, and we’re looking at one exceedingly difficult time!  Nevertheless, whether we feel that we’re ready to take ownership of Easter or not, time has done what time always does and rushed us into the future and Easter has arrived!  Perhaps you feel that you’re not quite ready to look at the mystery of the empty tomb.  Well, if that’s the case, please don’t worry for Easter is a Season in the Christian calendar – the Great Fifty Days – that will continue to give, and give, and give, until God’s infinity takes ownership of us!

As we look to the future, let us pray that the various COVID vaccines that have been developed with such incredible, record-breaking speed may be distributed equitably throughout the world over the next months.  Let us also pray that getting those vaccines into people’s arms may start to develop the ‘herd immunity’ that epidemiologists speak of as the beginning of an end of a pandemic.


Your Leadership Team has decided that MAUC will not reopen for in-person services of worship until York Region returns to the Orange Zone.  When we reach that mark, we’ll likely have to continue with our COVID protocols:  we’ll all have to continue wearing masks; we’ll all have to ‘sign-in’ when we arrive to facilitate contact tracing; we’ll all have to maintain social distancing; we’ll not be able to sing our hymns, at least not just yet.  And we’ll start by only opening on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month, just as had been our pattern in the late summer and fall.  But, if life won’t quite return to ‘normal’ right away, at least we’ll be moving in the right direction, will we not?

I pray that you take good care and stay safe; I pray that you get a vaccine, unless there is a specific medical reason not to do so; I pray that you continue to practice your spiritual disciplines!


With love and hope, Warren (a.k.a. Rev Ball!)

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Minister: the Rev. Warren Ball

Email:  warrenpeterball@gmail.com

Office Administrator: Nancy Pickering

Due to our COVID closure, there are no current office hours

Church phone:  905-473-2562

41 Alice St., Mt. Albert, ON L0G 1M0

Email: maunited@rogers.com