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Services of Worship

Weddings & Rentals

Unfortunately, due to our COVID-19 pandemic, and the very necessary public health restrictions that are in place, we are closed for in-person services of worship until further notice.


We have a beautiful traditional sanctuary and modern kitchen facilities.  Our space works well for weddings, classes, yoga, karate or youth groups.


At present, unfortunately, we are not able to rent our space, due to COVID restrictions.  When this changes, please contact the Church office for charges and details.

Words from Warren

Jan 20/21

In my sermon for this coming Sunday, I tell the East Indian tale of a young boy who woke up in a cold sweat one night after a nightmare.  In that nightmare, he was lost in a forest, and the sound of howling wolves was getting nearer and nearer yet.  The young lad’s grandfather tried to calm him, “Don’t worry about the wolves in the forest, my Precious – they can never get into our village!  Just worry about the wolves within you, for good wolves and bad wolves fight in everyone’s heart!” 

“Grandfather, if I have two kinds of wolves inside, which one will win?” 

“The wolf you feed will win, my child; the wolf you feed!”   


Well, we must pray and study, we must reflect and participate in community as we, together, live out God’s love.  We must do those things to feed our spirits properly; we must do those things if our spirits are ever going to properly feed us!  

In this continued stressful world of pandemic – perhaps a world that is ever more stressful as it seems to go on and on and on! – I believe that it becomes ever more important to keep feeding our spirits the right things!  May you find some of that nurture here in the pages of this website


God bless, Warren (a.k.a. Rev. Ball!)

Minister: the Rev. Warren Ball

Email:  warrenpeterball@gmail.com

Office Administrator: Nancy Pickering

Due to our COVID closure, there are no current office hours

Church phone:  905-473-2562

41 Alice St., Mt. Albert, ON L0G 1M0

Email: maunited@rogers.com




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