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Services of Worship

Weddings & Rentals

We are currently closed for in-person services of worship.

Please see the 'Update' page for the latest on our situation ...


We have a beautiful traditional sanctuary and modern kitchen facilities.  Our space works well for weddings, classes, yoga, karate or youth groups.


At present we are not able to rent our space, due to COVID restrictions.  As these change, please contact the Church office for rates and details.

Words from Warren

“Cast your burdens upon God, for God will sustain you, never suffering the righteous to be moved” (Psalm 55:22).


Although the leaves were somewhat later in falling this fall, fall they eventually did!  Faced now with another leafless November, I think of a friend who used to live in in Jakarta, Indonesia.  Of course, living at, or near, the equator still has some seasonality, because each region has its own monsoon season.  But life at the equator is lived at the same distance from the sun, year in and year out.  Life at the equator offers 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of nighttime, year in and year out.  Life at the equator means that every day is going to bring hot temperatures.  Living in Jakarta, though, that friend of mine said that he surely missed the change of seasons that is so dramatic here in Canada.  He even missed leafless November!

Well, thinking of the constancy of life at the equator, I wonder about something:  do we work each day to develop and maintain an appreciation for God’s constancy?  That appreciation is not something that just happens; it has to be worked at – worked at by prayer; worked at by reading; worked at by reflection; worked at by participation in spiritual community!  That’s why the Psalmist of Old advises us to cast all of our burdens upon God, for in that process is born the sort of relationship – day in and day out! – which becomes a guide for us right in the very midst of all of life’s changes.  And in constant relationship with God, we will find a hope that endures.


I bid you, and yours, an enduring hope through this time of transition and continuing COVID-stress, Warren (a.k.a. Rev. Ball!)

Minister: the Rev. Warren Ball

Office Administrator: Nancy Pickering

Due to our COVID closure, however, there are no current office hours

Church phone:  905-473-2562

41 Alice St., Mt. Albert, ON L0G 1M0

Email: maunited@rogers.com




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