Now that we’re back to every-Sunday services of worship, I’m no longer making video versions of my meditations.  I will, however, continue to post a meditation in print each week - just tap on the PDF button under the date in question:

Proper 24 on Oct 16/22

The story of the widow and the unjust judge (from Luke 18:1-8) and how faith turns worldly judgments inside out and upside down:   ‘Knowing the Verdict Before the Jury’

Proper 25 on Oct 23/22

Continuing to read from the 18th chapter of Luke, we 'meet' the story of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector and think about how to stay humble with the many perils of the human ego:   ‘Squeaky Clean’​

Proper 26 on Oct 30/22 - Anniversary Sunday

Another gospel text - 'Jesus dines with Zacchaeus' (Luke 19:1-10) - we think about what real freedom is all about:   ‘Leaving our Sycamore Trees’​


Proper 27 on Nov 6/22 - Remembrance Sunday

On this day when we remember, lest we forget, we turn to 2 Thessalonians (2:1-5,13-17 'Stand Fast!), and think about how thankfulness and destiny might be related:   ‘Lest We Forget’

Proper 28 on Nov 13/22

Rev. Warren is on his second week of study leave from Nov 7 to/including Nov 13, but Mt. Albert United will still be open this Sunday thanks to an amazing guest speaker!

Proper 29 on Nov 20/22 - Christ the King Sunday

We 'turn' to Luke for one last time in a while (Luke 23:33-43), and think about the spiritual nature of 'kingly power' (along with the limits of hierarchical language):  'No Time Left to Lose'

Advent 1 on Nov 27/22 with a Sacrament of Communion

The Christian 'church year' shifts once again to 'Year A' and its focus on the Gospel of Matthew; we think about how to get ready for something that's already happened!  'Getting Ready at Advent'

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