In terms of timing, Warren's meditations are usually 'published' by 8 am on the Sundays in question.  However, where we have an in-person service of worship at MAUC, its audio file (and accompanying PDF meditation) won't be published until that Sunday evening!

By the way, without much in the way of internet speed or bandwidth, you should be able to play the audio files directly from this page.

Sep 20/20 (Proper 20)

Using today's Old Testament passage from Exodus (16.2-15 ‘Manna in the wilderness’), we will think about Yahweh-God’s ‘feeding’ of the Chosen People in terms of our ‘needs’ versus our ‘wants’ - ‘What Is It?’  PDF and video links below.


Sep 27/20 (Proper 21) - an in-person service of worship at MAUC, 10:30 am

Using today's Epistle lection (Philippians 2:1-13), we consider God's self-giving (agape) love and how that love can shape our lives:  'Face to Face.'  Also:  'Rhythm Appeal,' our awesome handbell choir, perform!


Oct 4/20 (Proper 22) - World Communion Sunday

Warren will publish meditations (in both PDF and video formats) based upon today's Old Testament lection (Exodus 20 ‘The Ten Commandments’) - how rules and justice are necessary conditions for love to prevail - ‘Thou Shalt Not’ - and we celebrate communion electronically!

Oct 11/20 (Proper 23) - Thanksgiving Sunday

Warren will publish meditations today, returning to our gospel text (Matthew 22:1-14 'The Parable of the Wedding Banquet'), we will consider God's abiding fidelity relative to human pretension under the heading, 'God's Banquet'

Oct 18/20 (Proper 24)

To make up for last week's cancelled in-person service, we gather at MAUC today and 'turn' once again to Matthew's gospel (22:15-22 'The Question About Paying Taxes') in order to think about how to set our priorities and allegiances - 'Two-Faced or Twin-Faced?'  PS:  'Rhythm Appeal,' our amazing handbell choir, perform today!


Oct 25/20 (Proper 25) - Anniversary Sunday

We gather for the second Sunday in a row today - wow! - at 10:30 am, to celebrate our anniversary and give God thanks.  Based once again on today's gospel text (Matthew 22:34-46), we will think together about the love of God and neighbour under the heading, 'Commandment or Opportunity?'

Nov 1/20 (Proper 26)

A 'meditation' Sunday based upon Matthew 23:1-12 'The greatest will be a servant.'  We will consider how divine authority makes human authority relative and think about how it is that the Bible speaks to us.  Sermon title:  'Good Solid Stock'

Nov 8/20 (Proper 27; Remembrance Sunday)

We gather in the sanctuary at beloved Mt. Albert United today for our Remembrance service today and, in the shadow of Matthew's Parable of the Ten Bridesmaids (25:1-13), we think about eschatology (Jesus' 2nd coming) and how we meet the Christ Spirit every day in how we live:  'Remembering Our Questions'

Nov 15/20 (Proper 28)

A meditation Sunday where Matthew 25:14-30 'The Parable of the Talents' is our gospel focus.  We explore the real nature of stewardship and consider life in these 'in-between' times (after Jesus, but before God's love is compete):  'Talents, Inside Out'

Nov 22/20 (Proper 29 or Christ the King Sunday)

The fourth Sunday of the month, therefore (hopefully!) an in-person service!  We read 'The Judgement of the Nations' from Matthew 25, and consider how to be triumphant without being triumphalist!  'Something Old, Something New'  'Rhythm Appeal,' our handbell choir, will be performing today.


Nov 29/20 (the 1st Sunday of Advent)

Welcome to a whole new year in the Christian calendar on this, the fifth Sunday of the month!  A meditation Sunday by PDF file and video.

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