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Now that we’re back to every-Sunday services of worship, I’m no longer making video versions of my meditations.  I will, however, continue to post a meditation in print each week to this page - just tap on the PDF button!  I have also started to send the print versions of these meditations out on a distribution list, usually by the following Tuesday or Wednesday.  If you would like to be added to that list, so that you can receive these meditations automatically, just send me an email request!


Transfiguration Sunday on Feb 19/23 with the celebration of communion

Matthew's version of the Transfiguration story (Mt. 17:1-9) - the habits that help us to feel in synch with God:  'Mountain-climbing with Jesus'

Tue. Feb. 21/23:  Pancake supper at MAUC!

  -5-7 pm

  -$12/adult, $8/child (12 and under)

  -all welcome!

The 1st Sunday of Lent on Feb 26/23, with Rhythm Appeal, our handbell choir

Welcome to a new season in the Christian calendar - what Lent is all about and how it can make a difference - a huge difference! - to the the way we experience life:  'Our Lenten journey begins'

The 2nd Sunday of Lent on Mar 5/23

Today, we turn to the Gospel of John, as we will over the course of the next three Sundays, too!  We read the story of Nicodemus visiting Jesus and think together about how we don't have to 'get it' before God 'gives it' - 'Let Go and Let God!'

The 3rd Sunday of Lent on Mar 12/23 - welcome to Daylight Savings Time!

The story of Jesus' exchange in Samaria with a woman at a water well and how God's love can turn human expectation 'inside-out and upside-down!'

The 4th Sunday of Lent on Mar 19/23

The story of Jesus healing a man born blind (from the 9th chapter of John):  'Becoming Blind in Lent'

The 5th Sunday of Lent on Mar 26/23

The raising of Lazarus (John 11:1-45) and how God's grace, although uncontrollable, can nevertheless control our lives:  ‘Not Ours; Not Theirs; Not Alone'


-after church today:  our Annual General Meeting (the first we've had since 2019!), followed by a pot-luck lunch!



Palm/Passion Sunday on Apr 2/23

Today, we remember Jesus' entry to Jerusalem (Matthew 21:1-11) and contrast Palm Sunday as triumph vs. Palm Sunday as self-sacrifice;:  'Of Palms and Passion'

Good Friday service, Apr 7/23 - at our usual 'Sunday time' of 10:30 am

A collage of readings, reflections, and special music as we enter Holy Weekend and reflect upon all the lessons that we've learned this Lent ...

Easter Sunday service on Apr 9/23 - with the sacrament of communion

We 'open' Matthew's gospel (Matthew 28:1-10) and think about the miracle of new life at Easter, but also consider the three obstacles to believing in its claim!:  'Looking to find Jesus'


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