Now that we’re back to every-Sunday services of worship, I’m no longer making video versions of my meditations.  I will, however, continue to post a meditation in print version each week.  It has been uploaded to this website and can be accessed by tapping on the PDF button under the date in question.  (I try to get that done on the Sunday in question but, if I’m busy that day, it may not happen until the next morning!)

Easter Sunday on Apr. 17/22, an in-person service at MAUC!

We read the Easter story from Luke's gospel and reflect upon what God's Easter gift of new life means for us in the 21st Century:  'Looking for the Living'

The 2nd Sunday of Easter on Apr. 24/22

The story of Doubting Thomas and how seeing isn't believing - oh, no! - it's believing that's seeing!  'Looking for the Living'

The 3rd Sunday of Easter on May 1/22

How God would always feed us with positive self-esteem; how that becomes Easter's new life:  'Being Fed as We Feed'

The 4th Sunday of Easter on May 8/22

Good Shepherd Sunday and what it's like to be grounded in God's love - how that turns us into God's shepherds ourselves! 'Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?'

The 5th Sunday of Easter on May 15/22

Another reading from The Revelation that Was Given to John and  'The I Am that We Can Be'

The 6th Sunday of Easter on May 22/22 - 'Ascension Sunday'

Luke's story of Jesus' ascension - cosmology and meaning - 'Going Up, Coming Down, or Staying Put?'

The 7th Sunday of Easter on May 29/22

The story from Acts of Paul and Silas in prison and how God's Easter love frees us - 'Jail Break'

Pentecost Sunday on June 5/22 and (hopefully!) a Sacrament of Communion

The Pentecost gifts of God's Spirit and what that can mean for us - 'She Who Is'

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