Every Sunday, two 'meditations' are posted to this page:  there is a printed version, which has been uploaded to this website and can be accessed by clicking on the PDF button beneath that Sunday's date, and there is a video version, which has been uploaded to YouTube and can be accessed by clicking on the camera button beneath that Sunday's date!

Dec 20/20 (the 4th Sunday of Advent - 'Love')

Today, we metaphorically turn to the first chapter of Luke and think about the time when the angel, Gabriel, visited Mary - ‘The Mary in Us All’

Thursday Dec 24/20 (Christmas Eve - 'Fulfillment')

A festive Lessons & Carols service that has now been pre-recorded at MAUC, all of that being done in a spatially distant sort of way, of course! This will feature many voices and contributions and will be 'published' this morning, along with a printable PDF version for those without high-speed internet.  'One With Us'

Sunday, Dec 27/20:  the 1st Sunday in the Season of Christmas

Based upon today's lectionary reading from the second chapter of Luke's gospel, we will consider how we can ‘see’ as the visionaries, Simeon and Anna, once saw.  What a great time to see our way through to some spiritually helpful New Year’s resolutions!  'Seeing as Simeon and Anna Saw'

Jan 3/21:  the 2nd Sunday in the 'Great Twelve Days' of Christmas

We read from the famous Prologue to John's Gospel and consider the problem with Christmas gifts.  However, as God’s gift to us, Jesus is the Christmas gift without problems for it involves us in:  ‘Becoming Grace and Truth’

Jan 6/21:  The Epiphany, or revealing (manifestation is the fancy word!), of Jesus Christ - Matthew's story of the 3 Magi, or Wise Men - this year, on a Wednesday

Jan 10/21:  Baptism of Jesus Sunday

Welcome to a new Season in the Christian calendar with a rather long-winded (even more long-winded than me!) title:  "The Sundays after the Epiphany of our Lord Jesus Christ!"  Today, at long last, we return to the Gospel of Mark, read about the time that Jesus was baptized, and consider how sacraments are God's way of nurturing us:  'Cleansed, Comforted and Consecrated'

Jan 17/21: Epiphany 2

Today, I'm going to use the Epistle lection for this week - it's part of the Apostle Paul's correspondence with the Corinthians - and we're going to consider how being a 'temple' for God can make a huge difference to our experience of life:  'Temple Tending'

Jan 24/21: Epiphany 3

Today, the Lectionary directs us to the story of Jesus calling his disciples from Mark 1:14-20 - how, in the miracle of God's grace, that story in turns 'calls' us:  'The Power of Purpose'

Jan 31/21: Epiphany 4

Back to Mark today and the story of the man with an "unclean spirit" (from Mark 1:21-28) - we consider how to get 'clean' with God 'Squeaky Clean'

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