We are ever so excited to be holding in-person services of worship once again!  Beginning in September, we're going to have those in-person services on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month at our customary time of 10:30 am.  On all others Sundays, I will prepare a mini-service, or meditation, in two versions.  One version is in print, which has been uploaded to this website and can be accessed by clicking on the PDF button beneath that Sunday's date.  The other version is in a video format, which has been uploaded to YouTube and can be accessed by clicking on the camera button beneath that Sunday's date as of 6 am on that Sunday.

Proper 24 on Oct 17/21 - Proper 24, a meditation service

Back to the gospel lection this time:  we read from Mark (10:35-45) and think about how the paradox of being a 'servant leader' can relate to the way that we choose to live life:  'Leading and Serving'

Proper 25 on Oct 24/21 - Proper 25 - an 'in-person' service!

In this month of 5 Sundays, we're going to celebrate our anniversary today while we're together; we'll also read from the Old Testament Book of Job and think about why bad things happen to good people - (and has that not ever been a constant question in life through this long time of pandemic!) - 'Job and Us'

Proper 26 on Oct 31/21 - Proper 26, a meditation service

Another somewhat unusual reading today - the Book of Ruth! - as we think together about the interconnected nature of life and God's love:  'Ruth's Choice and Ours'

Proper 27 on Nov 7/21 - Proper 27, a meditation service with Communion and Remembrance themes

Back to Mark this week for the story of the Widow's Mite (Mark 12:38-44) - as we think about the nature of true wealth.  Also, today, we remember, lest we forget - 'Wealthy Beyond Measure'

Proper 28 on Nov 14/21 - Proper 28, an 'in-person' service (no video today)!

Reading from Mark once again (Mark 13:1-8 'The Destruction of the Temple Foretold'), we consider apocalyptic writing and human responsibility - 'Walking in the Fog'

Proper 29 on Nov 21/21 - Christ the King Sunday, a meditation Sunday

I've chosen to focus on that 'wild and woolly' document that is called 'The Revelation that is Given to John' as we think together about a Christian redefinition of power: 'The Beginning that's at the End'

The First Sunday of Advent on Nov 28/21 - an in-person service at MAUC!

We turn to Luke's gospel today for the first time in this Christian New Year (Luke 21:25-36), we re-orient ourselves to Luke and consider the meaning of Advent: 'Remembering the Future'

Advent 2 on Dec 5/21 - a meditation Sunday with Communion 

Today, Luke tells us about how 'John the Baptist Prepares the Way' (Luke 3:1-6) and we explore how WE also prepare the way for God's love (Jesus!): 'Preparing the Way, Part 1'

Advent 3 on Dec 12/21 - an in-person service at MAUC

A direct continuation, in some ways, from last Sunday, as Luke tells us about John the Baptist and Jesus (Luke 3:7-18): 'Preparing the Way, Part 2'

Advent 4 on Dec 19/21 - this month's second in-person service at MAUC!

The already-not-yet miracle of Christmas as Jesus' mother, Mary, visits her cousin, Elizabeth; : 'Wondering in Advent'

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