Every Sunday, I post two 'meditations' to this page.  First of all, there is a version in print, which has been uploaded to this website and can be accessed by clicking on the PDF button beneath that Sunday's date.  (That version is easier to access if your internet connection is limited.)  Secondly, there is a video version, which has been uploaded to YouTube and can be accessed by clicking on the camera button beneath that Sunday's date!

The 7th Sunday of Easter on May 16/21

Metaphorically speaking, we open John for one last time in a long time (!) and, based upon today's gospel lection (John 17:6-19 'Jesus prays for his disciples'), we think of how we can be given a whole new purpose and unity ion God's love - ‘That They May Be One'

Pentecost Sunday on May 23/21

We read the story of that first Christian Pentecost from The Acts of the Apostles and think about the gifts of God's Spirit that make life so worthwhile:  ‘The Story that Lives Between the Lines''

Trinity Sunday on May 30/21

Welcome back to 'Ordinary Time' in the Christian calendar!  Today we use the Epistle lection (Romans 8:12-17) in order to think about the Trinity, and what a Three-in-One God means for us:  ‘The Spirit of Adoption'

Proper 5 on June 6/21 (with communion)

For one thing, this meditation includes an explanation about the 'proper' way of counting Sundays!  For another thing, this Sunday places a short excerpt from the Old Testament reading for the day, a passage from the 1st Book of Samuel, within the larger story of the Hebrew scriptures:  'Lost and Found - the Hebrew Saga that Still Reads Us!'  This meditation includes Warren's rewrite of 'Close Every Door.'

Proper 6 on June 13/21

We turn back to Mark today (Mark 4:26-34), read about Jesus' Parable of the Mustard Seed, and think about how nothing is too small to make a difference - 'Mustard Seeds'

Proper 7 on June 20/21 - Father's Day

The famous story of David and Goliath from 1st Samuel (chapter 17, verses 32 to 49) and the 'giants' that threaten us yet:  'Giant-Slaying in the 21st Century!'

Proper 8 on June 27/21

Today we 'turn' to the 5th chapter of Mark's gospel, read some stories of Jesus' healings, and consider the nature of spiritual, as opposed to biblical, healing :  'Double-Jeopardy!'

Proper 9 on July 4/21 - with communion!

Today, a story of when Jesus was rejected (Mark 6:1-13) and the role that BELIEF can play redefining human rejection:  'Seeing; Choosing; Receiving'

Please note that I will be on vacation for the month of August this year - Warren