Every Sunday, I post two 'meditations' to this page.  First of all, there is a version in print, which has been uploaded to this website and can be accessed by clicking on the PDF button beneath that Sunday's date.  (That version is easier to access if your internet connection is limited.)  Secondly, there is a video version, which has been uploaded to YouTube and can be accessed by clicking on the camera button beneath that Sunday's date!

March 14/21:  the 4th Sunday of Lent

Back to John's gospel today (John 3:14-21) and it's story of Nicodemus - 'Whispers in the Night' - how the constancy of God's love prepares us for Easter.  We also mark the first anniversary of our pandemic with a moment of silence.

March 21/21:  the 5th Sunday of Lent

For a change of perspective, we use our Old Testament lection today (Jeremiah 31:31-34 'A New Covenant'), and think about the constancy of God's covenant and the changeability of human nature:  'Doing the Hokey Pokey!'

Palm/Passion Sunday on March 28/21

Today, we consider the connection between Palm Sunday as triumph and Palm Sunday as self-sacrifice.  We also anticipate the horrors of Good Friday, for that is the only way to the new life of Easter morn!  Today's  gospel reading is Mark 11:1-11 ‘Jesus’ Entry into Jerusalem.’  Today's sermon is ‘Cheers and Jeers.’


Good Friday service on April 2/21

We remember and reflect:  a collage of readings and reflections around the experience of Good Friday; we prepare for our Easter vigil ...

Easter Sunday on April 4/21 and the Sacrament of Communion

The story behind Mark's story of the empty tomb - we read our gospel lection (Mark 16:1-8), and think about how we make sense of Easter:  ‘The last page is for you to write’

The 2nd Sunday of Easter on April 11/21

On this Sunday that has traditionally been called 'Doubting Thomas Sunday' (because its biblical focus is always on Jesus' disciple, Thomas, and his fear-driven doubt), we think about how faith is the only antidote for fear:  ‘Believing Without Seeing'

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