Every Sunday, I post two 'meditations' to this page.  First of all, there is a version in print, which has been uploaded to this website and can be accessed by clicking on the PDF button beneath that Sunday's date.  (That version is easier to access if your internet connection is limited.)  Secondly, there is a video version, which has been uploaded to YouTube and can be accessed by clicking on the camera button beneath that Sunday's date!

Easter Sunday on April 4/21 and the Sacrament of Communion

The story behind Mark's story of the empty tomb - we read our gospel lection (Mark 16:1-8), and think about how we make sense of Easter:  ‘The last page is for you to write’  Please note that this service was recorded in the sanctuary at Mt. Albert United with full COVID safety protocols in place!

The 2nd Sunday of Easter on April 11/21

On this Sunday that has traditionally been called 'Doubting Thomas Sunday' (because its biblical focus is always on Jesus' disciple, Thomas, and his fear-driven doubt), we think about how faith is the only antidote for fear:  ‘Believing Without Seeing'

The 3rd Sunday of Easter on April 18/21

On this "Meal Sunday," how the Sundays, and the Season, of Easter can both feed and empower:  ‘The Heart of the Matter'

The 4th Sunday of Easter on April 25/21

On this Sunday that Tradition has dubbed, 'Good Shepherd Sunday,' how we can turned from God's precious sheep into God's precious shepherds  :  ‘Hired, or Inspired?'

The 5th Sunday of Easter on May 2/21, with Communion

'I AM Sunday' - how we can experience - nay, become! - God's love:  ‘Perfected in Love'

The 6th Sunday of Easter on May 9/21

We turn to John once again (John 15:9-17 ‘Love one another as I have loved you’) and think about the world of difference between human love and God's love:  ‘Love, Sweet Love'

The 7th Sunday of Easter on May 16/21

Metaphorically speaking, we open John for one last time in a long time (!) and, based upon today's gospel lection (John 17:6-19 'Jesus prays for his disciples'), we think of how we can be 'saved' without being 'stained' - ‘That They May Be One'

Pentecost Sunday on May 23/21

We read the story of that first Christian Pentecost from The Acts of the Apostles and think the gifts of God's Spirit:  ‘The Story that Lives Between the Lines''

Trinity Sunday on May 30/21

Welcome to a new Season in the Christian calendar!  Today we use the Epistle lection (Romans 8:12-17) to think about the Trinity, and what a Three-in-One God means for us:  ‘The Spirit of Adoption'