Update Bulletin - Sep 1/20


Having had our first 'trial' in-person worship service back on Aug 23, the Leadership Team has decided to hold similar, modified services on the 2nd and the 4th Sundays of both September and October.  All the while, we're praying that we don't see a second wave of COVID-19 and a return to more restrictive health measures!


We use the term "modified" because, although music does play a big part in our services (thanks to Nicholas McGregor, our talented musician in residence!), we don't sing hymns, we are seated in such a way as to conform with spatial distancing, and we do everything else that we have to in order to conform with the regulations established by the York Region Board of Health, including the wearing of face masks.


In between those in-person services, Rev. Ball (who prefers to be called Warren!) publishes "meditations" (mini-Sunday services) in both PDF format (for those on dial-up internet) and video format on YouTube.  For that matter, because not everyone is comfortable returning to church yet - indeed, there isn't room, given spatial distancing! - Warren also publishes an audio recording of the in-person services, and a PDF version.  If you haven't been receiving these meditations, and would like to, just leave an email request on the church email!


Of course, all of our time-honoured church gatherings such as dinners are on hold, pending the release of a vaccine and permission to gather from York Region.


Please realize that we are not making all of these changes as a matter of choice but, rather, as a matter of strict necessity.  If we don't oblige all of the regulations established by York Region, we could get into serious trouble!!!


With best wishes and continued prayers for your well-being, the MAUC Leadership Team

PS:  please note that our awesome administrator, Nancy Pickering, is back at her post in the church's 'Front Office' each Thursday, from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.

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