Jan 7/21


I know that many of you have been disturbed and distraught, puzzled and perplexed, by what has been happening to our south, in the United States of America.  Well, those feelings could only have been heightened by what happened yesterday.  Here is a statement from the office of the Moderator of the United Church of Canada; I pray that the grace and poetry it holds will be of help, Warren

A Prayer for Our U.S. Neighbours


As we follow our newsfeeds,
and observe with horror what is happening in the capital of the United States of America,
we call on you, Creator of All Love.


We painfully remember peaceful protests of tangible and documented injustices,
led by Black and Indigenous peoples
who were sadly met with undue hostility and violence,
and characterized as rioters,
in contrast to how the violent clashes incited by Trump supporters
on baseless claims is being responded to and reported on.


We pray for those who are most acutely experiencing the terror caused by these actions,
and those who deeply understand the hatred and racism that such acts fuel.


We call on you, Prince of Peace,
and pray for your wisdom, your guidance, and your love,
that those who are rioting would leave Washington,
so that elected decision-makers can go back to their chambers,
to the lawful work that they have been given
by the people of the United States.


We pray, with all that we are, loving God.  Amen.

―Moderator Richard Bott, Adele Halliday, and Alydia Smith

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