As a measure of Christian Eduction, I’m going to post a number of videos on this page, videos that I’ve recorded over the last two years of our global pandemic!  Just click on the camera icon for those videos.  

I’m also going to post a PDF text document beside those videos with a number of questions that, I pray, will serve to take you more deeply into your experience of those meditation videos. Tap on the PDF button to access that document. 


In this day and age when gathering for small group initiatives may not be a good thing, perhaps this could be a good way for Mt. Albert United Church to come to you when it’s not always possible for you to come to Mt. Albert United!  


I’ll keep adding to this page over the next weeks, so keep checking back!

First of all, here's a video based upon Matthew 18:15-20 that's all about community, and how God's Spirit works there - 'where two or three are gathered.'  To the right of the camera icon, behind the PDF icon, is the accompanying work page for that video.  This particular video features a virtual experience of communion, although you can just 'fast forward' to get to the sermon if that's what you'd like to do!

Secondly, here's a video based upon Luke 6:20-26 which speaks about blessings and woes, together with a work page to further engage your creative instincts!

Thirdly, here's a video service based upon the story of David and Goliath from the First Book of Samuel in the Hebrew Scriptures, or Old Testament.  And, yes, there's also a work page to go along with that video.